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Letter from Pastor J:

Parents,  As we navigate this coronavirus journey together I wanted to provide you with the resources we would have been using in our classes this week had we been meeting together in person. I would like to encourage you to take some time to go through the appropriate lesson(s) with your children.  You will be blessed just as much as they will!  My daughters Emelyn and Adeline often ask me to let them watch their lesson videos over again online.  It makes my heart smile knowing that my girls crave to learn and grow in Christ.  My prayer is that this site would help you to foster spiritual growth in your homes.  During these times of uncertainty and anxiety having some time with God as a family will certainly fill you up and our kids need that, too, just as much as we do.  So, go to Shipley’s, (they have a drive-thru) get some donuts, coffee & juice, and have a great time worshiping and growing in Christ together!

May God bless you and your family,

Pastor J


March 22nd,


Summary: This week our kids learned about the Holy Spirit, the gift that Jesus gave to the disciples (and us) after His resurrection.
Ask: Why does God’s Holy Spirit live in you?
Say It With Me: God’s Holy Spirit gives me power!
Verse: Romans 15:19 NIRV… He has given me the power of the Holy Spirit.  (click here to learn the verse motions)
Bible Story: The Holy Spirit Comes |Acts 2:1-47

  1. Watch:  Watch the video lesson here
  2. READ: Acts 2:1-47 in a children’s Bible or “God’s Wonderful Gift” in the Bible Story App for Kids Storybook Bible pages 359-372 or watch it here.
  3. SING: play the song  “God’s Spirit”
  4. PRAY: Take some time to pray with your little one, ask them what they want to talk to God about, and pray with them. Unsure what to pray? Pray this: Dear Jesus, Thank you for the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit. Help me to boldly share the Good News of You with others, so that they can receive forgiveness, new life and Your Holy Spirit, too.  Amen
  5. DO: Download the Bible App For Kids to your device (Apple)(Google Play)(Amazon) and play “God’s Wonderful Gift” together.  Complete this week’s Adventure Book
  6. Download the Parent Guide for ongoing activities you can do this week with your kids


KONNECT  6yrs – 3rd Grade

Summary: God made us to have emotions, and God has them, too. Our elementary students have been learning that God is always with them to help them figure out why they feel the way they do, and how to deal with it. Whether the emotions feel good or bad, they can be helpful. Our kids will learn to pay attention to their emotions, learn to name them, and talk to God and trusted leaders, parents, and friends to help them sort through them. They will remember God’s grace—and that He’s with them to help them get back on track no matter how they’re feeling.
The Point: If I’m angry and I want to fight, God can help me do what’s right.
The Verse: Ephesians 4:26 NIRV  … “When you are angry, do not sin.” Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.

  1. Watch: Konnect HQ Video Lesson: |  watch the story together here
  2. Review: Choose a few review questions. 
  • What sins are you tempted to do when you’re angry?
  • What advice would you give someone who pretends they’re not angry?
  • How does it make you feel if people hit, yell, ignore you, or fight because they’re angry?
  • How do you think other people feel if you do those things?
  • Think of a time you or someone you knew was mad but didn’t sin.

    3. Action Step: Choose an action step question:

  • If you get mad this week, what can you do to cool down and say no to sin?
  • Talking with a trusted adult helps when we’re angry. Who can you talk to if you’re angry and you can’t calm yourself down?

PRAY:  Ask your child what they want to talk to God about, and pray with them. Unsure what to pray? Pray this:  God, please help us to forgive others, calm down, and say no to sin when we’re angry. Thank You for Your peace. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DO: Complete this week’s Challenge Card

LOOP  4th – 6th Grade

Summary: It’s always a roller-coaster ride in Loop, and this series is no exception. Buckle up for the last of this three-week series of facing the battle of the mind with the truth of Philippians 4:8 in Mind Control.  In this series our students will discover that their attitude is really important. They’ll learn that an excellent attitude follows excellent thoughts. We’ll talk about emotions that may be difficult to control and about how to take a breath between what you feel and how you act. We’ll help students learn how to respond to their inner critic. With God’s help, our students can learn to focus on God’s love for them, not their inner voices of harsh judgment and shame.

The Verse: Philippians 4:8 NIV  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

  1. WATCH: Watch the Loop Show Together
  2. SING:  Listen to the song “Joy of The Lord”
  3. DISCUSS: Today’s BIG Question: How does God show His love to you?
  • What stood out to you the most from the Loop Show? What’s one thing you learned?
  • Why do you think it’s hard to control your inner critic?
  • Read Philippians 4:8 NIV. How could the truth from this verse help you face your inner critic? You can remind your inner thoughts to stop focusing on your mistakes.
  • What is one trash-thought you wish your inner critic would stop saying to you? How can you fight that trash with God’s truth? (Ideas: Memorize Bible verses, learn what God really thinks about you by reading the Bible, ask a trusted adult what God’s truth is that would fight the hurtful thoughts you have, write God’s truth out and hang it where you’ll see it often, etc.)
  • When do you notice your inner critic getting louder? (Examples: when you make a mistake, when you’re at school, when you’re meeting someone new, etc.)
  • Review your answer to today’s big question? (Printed above) How can you allow God’s love to be louder in your heart and mind than your inner critic’s voice?

PRAY: Ask your kids what they want to talk to God about, and pray with them. Don’t know what to pray? Pray this: God, thank You for teaching us how to focus on what You say is good, and not what we think is bad about ourselves. Help us not to listen to our inner critic, but to listen to Your voice. In Your Son’s name we pray, amen.


DO: Think About the Things You Think About : Complete this Bible Plan together!


A big thank you to Life.Church for developing and distributing the curriculum we use weekly free of charge












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